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Monday, 17 September 2012

Selling Online at Christmas 2012 - will you be ready?

The Holiday Season is coming - are you ready to sell online?

When Christmas puddings and decorations appear in the supermarkets then you know it is time to start preparing your business for Christmas. So guess what I saw in Coles today?

This year Christmas day is on Tuesday so you can expect most deliveries to be done by Friday 21st December.

What do you need to do to be prepared?

Every year we remind all our customers to get ready for Christmas sales but most leave it too late. Christmas is the peak retail period of the year and preparation should start now. There are lots of issues to cover if you want to get the best sales results for your business at Christmas. First and foremost is to do some business planning. The date for Christmas does not change and so by Friday December 21st your Christmas business will be mostly done. So plan backwards:
  • How long does it take you to pick, pack and ship?  You need to determine the last date for selling online and delivering by Christmas. Remember there may be backlogs in delivery so check with your shipping agent or Australia Post.
  • What are the peak number of orders that you can handle each day and still get the deliveries out? If you are thinking ahead maybe you need some temporary staff or family and friends to help.
  • How much stock will you need on hand?
  • What content changes do you need for your web store?
  • Do you have photos and new stock information from suppliers?
  • What about pre-Christmas promotions and sales?
  • What about Christmas gift cards and gift wrapping materials? 
  • What about social media?
What to ask your service provider.

As Christmas and the months before can mean more visitors and more orders then make sure that you have enough capacity and bandwidth to handle your requirements. If you are unsure come and talk to us and we can help you review your usage overall. It is a good time to clean up your store and clear out products that are old or no longer available. Spring clean your store to be ready for the holiday business ahead.

Check your mobile view.

We now support a mobile view for your online store if you are using our Cloud  platform. Check it out and make sure it looks OK. Shopping from mobile is on the increase and unlikely to slow.

This year;
  • Expect to see more activity from mobile devices,
  • You will start to see QR codes in printed media,
  • Gift buyers will look for novelties and quality,
  • Comparison shopping will focus on unique selling propositions and great deals,
  • Buyers will look for added value and special offers,
  • Shipping and delivery will be a key value proposition. 
  • Be social media ready with Facebook and Pinterest both important.

Prepare your plan and strategy for a big Christmas.

It might be a good time to review your overall eCommerce strategy and to look at how you can develop a more successful online business.

You can take some time to consider how you will deal with;
  • Content - fresh and up to date
  • Pricing & inventory - availability and competitive,
  • Logistics - shipping as a differentiator,
  • Service & support - be available longer hours leading up to Christmas
  • Payment & refund/returns - be proactive and offer after Christmas support,
  • Security - got your SSL and payments in order - consider PayPal
  • Marketing - look at your Adwords campaigns and budgets,
  • Social media - get started long before Christmas offer gift advice,
  • QR codes in printed media - bring people to your website from their smart phone

The Christmas planning checklist.

Buying online for Christmas starts as early as September but the real peak starts from late-October and we see stores offering seasonal products earlier each year. This year we will expect to see a busy and a longer buying period. The after Christmas, New Years sales, will still be important to sell off overstocked items at bargain prices.Some people will wait for the New Years sales to buy personal items, hopefully at a bargain price.

To be ready for holiday sales you have to think of a number of issues:

  1. Is your online store ready?

    It is no use waiting until December to set up the store as you just won't make it in time. If you have an existing store then now is time to clean up old content and get rid of out of date product and stock information. Each year there are new fads, styles, colours and collections so be up to date and prepared to take advantage of the demand.
  2. Ready for mobile and QR codes?

    QR codes take shoppers from printed media direct to your website and allow you to promote products and sell online. There are many free services that allow you to create QR codes like these codes are simple images that contain information like a URL that a mobile phone with a QR code app can read

  3. Do you have the products to sell?

    Getting the stock can be tricky the closer you get to Christmas so you need to know what you will need now. Buying stock early can have a negative cash flow affect on your business so look at the possibility of commitment with deliveries later.
  4. When is my delivery cut off date for Christmas?

    It is no use selling to a customer who expects pre Christmas delivery if you cannot get the product delivered on time. So you need to tell your buyers what they can expect if they buy on the 24th December. Make sure that you provide specific advice regarding returns and refunds as you do not want to get stuck after Christmas. Talk to your shipping company or providers like Temando.
  5. Enable a safe payment process.

    Do you have a safe checkout process setup like PayPal Express now the leading Australian payment method or eWAY one of Australia’s leading payment providers? Consumers will be more careful this Christmas and look for security when buying online.

    Add an SSL certificate to your webstore like a COMODO Instant SSL, these add to buyer confidence.Trust and security can help dramatically improve shopping basket conversions and reduce abandonment.
  6. Think about promotions?

    You can setup special Google AdWords Campaigns just for Christmas and help drive Christmas traffic to your store. Go talk to your SEM partner you will be competing with lots of other businesses for customer attention but we know that most online purchases with start with a search and around 70% of those will be via Google. The use of a well prepared and funded online search engine marketing campaign leading up to Christmas can be a good investment.
  7. Use the Price Comparison portals

    Open and account and add products to portals like to promote your products and special offers and drive qualified traffic to your webstore.What are your unique selling propositions (USP) for Christmas as these should be promoted. For example offer free shipping for purchases over a certain value. Offer free Christmas gift cards and gift wrapping. Discounts are less of a value proposition at Christmas for buyers.
  8. Are you offering Christmas specials?

    You can put up special Christmas only products that have special pre-Christmas offers. Gift buyers come in many different types and good quality novelty items sell well at Christmas.
  9. Add Christmas keywords?

    Make sure that you add the Christmas keywords to you Meta-keywords with plenty of time to get crawled by the search engines before Christmas. Also make sure that you add Christmas Gift category names and description text to match up with you keywords. But remember timing is important! How often does Google crawl your website homepage? For most online stores it might be every 5 - 10 days so to get your changed messages out there it is not instantly available. Now might be a good time to setup some web analytics and a Google Webmasters account.
  10. Add products by price range.

    Products are all important and you might think of price ranges for gifts so that you fit everyone’s budgets.

  11. Enhance your product descriptions

    It is easy to go through some of your products that might great gifts and add "gift advice" information to the descriptions. You can make recommendations and also setup your cross-selling so that combinations can go together. Make it easy from people to see how your product might appeal and what other products might be complementary.
  12. People buying gifts want ideas so give them some. Set up special categories like "Gifts for him", Gifts for Mum", "Gifts for the dog", "Take a chance gifts" and so on. Be inventive as you need to stand out in a crowd.
  13. Preparing for your search engine optimisation

    Don't forget that Google
    might take weeks to crawl and index your new content so allow plenty of time and don't wait till the last minute.

    There are great tools available in the eCorner Cloud platform to analyse and create better and more optimised pages. So use the tools or call and ask for our SEO Advice Guide.
  14. Gift wrapping and gift cards.

    These can be easily added in the shopping basket so you might want to think about offering free gift wrapping and free gift delivery.
  15. Multiple shipping addresses.

    You can have multiple shipping addresses so your buyers can ship directly to an alternative address. Offer this service and make sure you get the gift there on time.
  16. Free shipping at ChristmasFree shipping can be a great incentive to buy online. If you are selling a product online you can structure an average shipping price into your costs. Then allow free shipping by Australia Post.

    You can time the shipping and delivery so that as you get closer to Christmas shipping is no longer free but maybe at a premium to ensure delivery. Don't get greedy.
  17. Give your store a Christmas theme.

    It is easy to setup a new style and change the colours and banners for Christmas. You can even start doing that right now and make that the live style later in the year. Set up a count down to Christmas - it can be a easy as a little added text to your home page. Don't go overboard.
  18. Keep selling after Christmas - remember New Years sales are big.

    After Christmas is a great time for specials
    and people on vacation like to shop around for bargains. So don't think everything stops on December 25th. The smart store operators will be ready with the Boxing Day and New Years specials campaigns come December 26th.
  19. What's happening - web analytics.

    Importantly you need to be able to see what is happening so now is a great time to make sure that you have some good web analytics and reporting capabilities. You can get free products like Wagtail Free from eCorner or add Google Analytics to your site or talk to your web store provider.

  20.  Have your thought about your social media strategy?

    Social media has developed to be a core driver of traffic online. This year social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest will be important to gift buying decisions. So you need to have your social media presence ready and integrated to your online store.
Christmas is the most important retail selling time in the year and you need to be prepared to get the best results. Your online store needs to be complete and setup for Christmas as soon as possible and you need to start Christmas promotions early, the week before Christmas is too late.

So I know that it seems early but now is the time to prepare for Christmas. Christmas will be the peak period where online sales will be up and you need to be ready to sell online.


Abbote Manco said...

This is a big challenge. There are a lot of people who loves to shop online nowadays. Just an advantage for the online retailers. This is exiting though.

Marcus George said...

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Business websites should really be well planned because the market today is currently becoming more and more competitive. We all see a lot of ads shown on TV, magazines and newspaper. This only means if your business can't compete to the current market, it won't be long before it close down.

Marcus George said...

Business websites should really be well planned because the market today is currently becoming more and more competitive. We all see a lot of ads shown on TV, magazines and newspaper. This only means if your business can't compete to the current market, it won't be long before it close down.

Sofia Nicolle said...

Selling requires some sort of publicity or advertisement to recognize the product, but since the internet is worldwide and easy to use, all you need is a couple of networks to spread the word. Lots of sellers succeed through the use of the internet, but let's not forget that the traditional radio, TV or print ads are more effective because we tend to believe more in what we hear from TV/radio or read from print than what we read online (basically because we all know how easy it is to fake everything online).

Good luck to all online sellers!

Jai Dunbabin said...

Thanks! I think you'll also need a web design that visually appeals to your customers. It better be unique, to make them remember about the products you offer. It should also be organized so they wouldn't think it's an effortless, fake website.

Charlie Brooks said...

What we did last year during Christmas season is that, we rented a vacant office space and start our own mini-bazaar. That kind of our small business is really successful and we are planning to do it every December.

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