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Thursday, 21 January 2010

What Do Your Customers Expect Online

What Do Your Online Customers Expect?

Online shoppers are demanding – and rightly so! Nowhere are so many sellers pushing themselves onto one spot as on the World Wide Web. You should, therefore, ask:

What do my online customers actually expect?

Your online customers primarily expect – beside top prices and service – transparency, convenience, security and reliability when shopping online. Recent studies have shown that a very high proportion of initiated order transactions are broken off before being completed. Very often the reason for abandoned orders is a lack of transparency and clarity in the ordering process. If while buying online doubt arises as to the reliability, security and seriousness of the online operator, e.g. because product prices, claims for warranty or delivery times are not correctly communicated or the ordering process is unclear, the big danger exists that the customer loses trust in your online store and aborts his order. In addition, it is highly likely that this customer will never visit your store again and is lost to your company.

However, if you manage to put across a “good feeling” in using your eCommerce site, you have made a significant step towards success in online commerce. Prospective customers who you do not disappoint in the entire handling process, from product selection to ordering, payment, delivery and after-sales services will become loyal patrons who trust you for a long time.

The following overview summarises the most important demands, needs and wishes of online customers. Companies should consistently orient their eCommerce offerings to these customer demands, to build on online sales success and to secure it for the long term.
  • Fast and easy product search
  • Clear navigation and fast loading times
  • Comprehensive, detailed product information in text and images
  • Reasonable product prices
  • Information about current availability
  • Simple, easy and secure ordering and payment
  • Choice of different payment methods
  • Fast order processing with automatic order confirmation
  • Fast and punctual delivery with logistics tracking
  • Return option (money-back guarantee)
  • Security through encrypted data transfer
  • Option for contacting merchant (e-mail, chat, phone)


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