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Monday, 20 August 2007

Christmas Online Sales and eCommerce

Every year online sales at Christmas time takes a major peak. Online sales this Christmas are expected to be up around 25% over 2006.

Buying online for Christmas starts as early as September but the real peak happens in the first week of December. Last year sales in that week increased 100% over 2005.

To be ready for Christmas you have to think of a number of logistic issues:

  1. Is your online store ready? It is no use waiting until December to set up the store as you just won't make it in time.
  2. Do you have the products to sell? Getting the stock can be tricky the closer you get to Christmas so you need to know what you will need now.
  3. When is my delivery cut off date for Christmas? It is no use selling to a customer who expects pre Christmas delivery if you cannot get the product delivered on time. So you need to tell your buyers what they can expect if they buy on the 24th December.
  4. Think about promotions? You can setup special Google AdWords Campaigns just for Christmas and help drive Christmas traffic to your store.
  5. Are you offering Christmas specials? You can put up products that have special pre-Christmas offers such as free delivery. This can help you get higher conversions.
  6. Add Christmas keywords? Make sure that you add the Christmas keywords to you Meta-keywords with plenty of time to get crawled by the search engines before Christmas. Also make sure that you add Christmas Gift category names and description text to match up with you keywords.

Bottom line is Christmas is the most important retail selling time and online selling time in the year and you need to be prepared to take advantage. Your online store needs to setup for Christmas by September and you need to start Christmas promotions by September.