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Sunday, 15 April 2007

April 2007 - Top Ten Tips

Tip 1

When you visit a website you expect to find everything you need easily. Think of the things on the site visitors will need in order to buy from you. Find the right category, search for a product, see a product image, read a description, see the prices. Think about when you walk into a bricks and mortar store and how frustrated you get if you can't find what you want. Then when you find it you can't find the checkout or get any help. It is no difference in an online store.

Tip 2

Images (photos) are really important if you are selling a physical object jewellery, cloths, cars whatever. The better quality the images available the more successful the store will become. Buyers also like to see multiple images of the things that they want to buy so think about multiple photos from different angles. If you can afford it use a professional photographer if not use a good quality digital camera and set up the background to be able to blend into your website.

Tip 3

The product descriptions need to give as much information as possible. You will see in the ePages MBO there is a short and long description. The long description will get shown when a visitor clicks on a product and looks for detail. So it is important that you give as much information as possible. If the product comes with a handbook then you can load that as a PDF and use the handbook upload capability in the MBO to make it available to the visitor. Think about the obvious questions people ask about the product and try to answer them.

Tip 4

Make sure that all the legal content is up to date and available by this I mean Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Company Information and Contact Information. Any organisation which offers online buying advice will tell the buyer to look for this information. So make sure that you have the right legal data and that it covers all the aspects to protect your business.

Tip 5

Do not put your website into a "frame". Most of you may not know what a frame is but it is a way of displaying more than one HTML document in the one browser window. Most of the search engines do not like frames. If you really believe that you need to do this then please discuss it with your web developer or our support people.

Tip 6

Put products that you want to promote on the Home Page. In ePages you can do this relatively easily by including some products in the Product Tab at the highest level category. You can adjust the way they show using the "Layout" tab. My recommendation is to change these products regularly if you have a large product range. If you are only promoting a small number of products it may not be an issue.

Tip 7

Check to see how you home page shows if you make the browser window smaller. You want your visitors to see the main products that you are promoting. When visitors look at websites the normal eye progression starts at the Top Left moves to the Top Right then to the centre of the visible screen. If you don't get the visitors attention they will move on. So your "call to action" or the objective for them visiting should be near the top of the screen and easily seen.

Tip 8

Make sure that you keep your promotional content fresh. Make changes regularly and it will help bring people back to your site. By this I do not mean that you need to redesign the site every week. But make sure that you keep the site up to date.

Tip 9

If you use ePages you need to make sure that you have checked all the text areas out in the MBO. By this I mean the messages that visitors see if for example a product is out of stock. These are all data fields in the MBO that you can manage. Some of these include the shopping basket messages, the email messages for all the alerts that you activate, shipping option messages, info text message. Ask our support if you think that there is an area you missed or cannot find.

Tip 10

Last tip for this month is simple but often ignored. That is make sure that you use a standard font, colour and size through out the store. ePages allows for most text to be entered using our HTML Editor. This is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. You can select the font, size and colour and other formatting features. Unless you want to specifically high light an item then stick with the same fonts and sizes throughout. There maybe a couple of fonts you select like TimeRoman for Headlines and Arial for Body. But be consistent. Finally check the spelling, the easiest way is to cut and paste into something like Microsoft Word or get a couple of other people to read your content.


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