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Thursday, 4 January 2007

eCommerce - Getting Started

Many people contact us and ask about getting started with an eCommerce store so they can sell online. Most already have a day job or business and either want to extend or add to their current activities.

The advice that we offer always starts with the same question. Do you have a business plan?

This may sound like a mundane question but it is essential that you understand that starting an eBusiness is just like starting any business. Don't enter with your eyes closed. It is very easy to start a business on the web but that also means that it very easy to blow your money as well. When people come to us we try to determine if they have a real business opportunity because we want to see people succeed.

In building a business plan for your ebusiness you have to take into account all the traditional issues. There is a good site that is run by the Australian government that is very useful. The link is a s follows:

Or just do a Google search on business plan and you will find a lot of information.

So the basics are simple:

1. You need a product or service to sell.
2. Set up a business and get an ACN or ABN in Australia.
3. Get a domain name (you need an ABN or ACN in Australia)
4. Put together a business plan and budget
5. Discuss it with some you trust (two minds are better than one)
6. Look at what competitors are doing and talk to them (it is surprising what they will tell you) but don't take their words as gospel.
7. If you want to sell online you can test the water on eBay.
8. How are you going to collect payment it can take 2 - 6 weeks to set up an online merchant account and some banks require 2 years trading history. There are alternatives such as Paypal and Worldpay.

These are just a few basic first steps and we have seen all types and sizes of businesses.

On the Internet size is not important one of the benefits of the web is that no one knows how big you are.

More to come later and please send me any of your questions.....




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